Sunday, August 12, 2012

Clothing & Beauty Haul/Review

Hello my lovely ladies and gents!
I wasn't planning on doing another blog post until tomorrow or sometime this week but I ended up going on an impromptu shopping day with one of my best friends, Jamie on Friday afternoon. When she told me she wanted to go shopping I originally thought of heading off to the Gals, but upon arrival at her place, she suggested the outlets near Henri Bourassa, and so, since the much needed shopping was for her, we headed there instead. So what did I get on this shopping trip? Let's start with beauty products shall we?

The first thing I bought was something I needed. I don't wear makeup daily but when I do I want to make sure that it's completely removed. Unfortunately I have extremely acne prone skin and excess makeup that won't come off by just washing my face will make me breakout like crazy. So either before or after cleansing I like to use makeup remover wipes. I tried the brand Simple and thought it was alright but I didn't enjoy the smell. I also used Kirkland brand which were also good, but I saw these at Walmart and decided to give them a try as I had heard good reviews on them in the past.

Ponds Cleansing and makeup removing towelettes

These makeup removing wipes are from Ponds. I've started to use them and I have to say that I like the texture and the scent of the wipes and they do a really good job of taking off makeup, especially eye makeup. The only thing is that they are very textured and even though they do a really good job of removing eye makeup I don't think I would use them on the eyes. The texture is very rough and the skin on the eyes is very sensitive. If you use products that are too rough it could cause redness and damage to the skin which leads to wrinkles. I would definitely use these on my entire face, but less so on the eyes.

The next beauty item is the Revlon Photo Finish Translucent Finisher powder
Revlon Photo Ready Translucent Finisher
Inside View

I was pleasantly surprised that it came with a cute little brush for application and a mirror. Because of the external packaging I wasn't expecting it to have the mirror and typically they come with a round sponge which I don't like to use. After trying this finishing powder on my skin and trying to take some photos with flash, I came to the conclusion that this finishing powder is true to its name "photo ready". It doesn't give you that white ghost face that is typical with some face powders. However, when you look closely at the powder in the compact it has little shimmery glitter particles. If you prefer to have a matte finish I wouldn't recommend it, but this looks really nice in the sunlight as it gives a nice summery glow.

The next product was a gift from one of my closest friends, Richelle. She went to Asia over the summer and one of her stops was Japan. She was awesome enough to bring me back a little treat knowing how much I love cosmetics. It is two sets of Dolly Wink Lashes in Number 11 Pure Sweet.

Dolly Wink #11 Pure Sweet

I can't wait to try these out on a night out with the girls or a date night with my boyfriend. Richelle also has a blog about her love of kawaii plushies. Check her out at
That's it for the beauty portion of my haul. Now onto the clothing.

First thing is first. I already posted these to my Instagram when I purchased them, but I thought you should know that I have a serious shoe obsession. Some girls like bags, others like accessories, my weakness is shoes. I had been looking for a nice pair of suede platform pumps for a while, but I could never find a pair that was reasonably priced. Our first stop while shopping was Payless. Now typically I never find anything when I go shopping there, but as soon as I laid eyes on them, and then the price, I picked them up right away. If you can believe it, I payed these just 35$ !!!


They are super comfy and are perfect to wear everyday. I think that if there is one shoe staple that you need to have in your wardrobe, is a basic black pump, either platform or heels. They go with absolutely everything whether you want to wear them with a little black dress for a night out on the town, or with jean cutoff shorts and and a flowy see-through blouse or tank.

Our next stop on this shopping trip was to Le Chateau. I haven't been to le chateau in quite a while because honestly I think the prices are too expensive for the quality that you get. However, shopping at the outlet store is definitely worth it. The prices are a lot better and the quality is equal to what you find in regular retail store. I bought a cute mint green tank with black lace detailing as well as a tan colored blazer.

Le Chateau: Front

Le Chateau: Back

Le Chateau: Front
Le Chateau: Back

I paid the tank 15$ and the blazer 70$. I needed a more formal looking blazer for when I start work in an accounting firm and I bought the tank because I just love mint green and I thought it would be cute for the rest of the summer. Surprisingly with a pair of dark wash jeggings and a pair of heels the blazer and tank look really good together.

I didn't buy anything else on this shopping trip with Jamie, however there are a few other pieces I wanted to share with you that I received recently as gifts.

First is this cute navy blue and white striped sundress from H&M. My mother had bought this originally for my younger sister but she "didn't like it". So I tried it on, it fit, and it now belongs to me.


This would be really cute paired with this teal blue blazer that my mother also brought home from Forever 21 when she went shopping on vacation in Myrtle Beach. I like to think that she is taking her style cues from me now. :)

Forever 21: Front
Forever 21: Back
The last thing which I received was a gift. It is a purse from Michael Kors. My cousin and I saw it while shopping in Myrtle Beach and I bought the rose gold one from my previous blog post instead.  My cousin went back with my mother to MK and showed it to her once I had left. So, she bought it for me. I thought it was so sweet of her.

So that's it for my post this evening. Let me know if you like this style of blogging or if you would prefer for me to separate the beauty portion and the style portion of the posts. Don't forget, if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask ;). Once again, Thank you so much for reading, and A La Prochaine!

Fashionabli Yours,



  1. Hi Susan :) !
    I had the same issue with the Simple facial cleanser... the smell is disgusting :(

    I see you're a fan of blazers... I have a hard time making outfit with beige/tan blazers. Any suggestions ? Thanks xx

    1. I would do a tan blazer with a cute blouse or even a t-shirt, probably a light pink or blush color, and either a pair of medium blue jean shorts or skinny/boot-cut jeans when its cooler. I'll do a blogpost about how to style a blazer in different colors and shapes next :)

  2. Love your finds, and your style! Do you want to follow each other? I just started blogging and it is so fun!


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