Tuesday, September 18, 2012

M.I.A Much? & GLYMM Subscription Review

Hello lovelies!
So I know I've been somewhat M.I.A recently. But don't be mad! School started and so did the CPA recruitment process... Thankfully it'll all be over in 2 days, and I'll be able to go back to my weekly blog posts. So as a little treat, I've decided to post a review of this new subscription service called glymm.com, where you subscribe for 10 $ a month, and every month they send you a cute bag full of deluxe sample size goodies for cosmetics, hair care etc etc.

This is the first bag I ever receive, so as you can imagine I was super excited... Unfortunately, the products inside really did not meet my expectations :(

This is what the bag of this month looks like:

I thought that it was really cute and it actually fits quite a lot inside of it. The detailing on the zipper and the quilted patches give it a nice look.

Now for the products...
From Left to Right: EVOLVEh UltraShine shampoo and conditioner, A face cream, Villainess Whipped body Cream, and La Fresh waterproof makeup remover wipes.

I have not tried any of the products except for the Villainess whipped body cream, which smells and feels absolutely amazing. It has a scent that reminds me of gingerbread and carrot cake. Yummy :). The facial cream is also very light; I thought it a bit unfortunate that there was no name written on it however... I imagine that the shampoo and conditioner will work well, it is specially formulated for color treated hair, which I have. The makeup remover wipes I shall try tomorrow night when I come back from my last cocktail. I'll update below what I think in the next few days.

So overall, although I was disappointed in not getting any makeup products, the bag was pretty decent. However, if I don't get anything next month I think I would probably cancel my subscription. What saved me from cancelling instantly this month was the Villainous body cream, it really saved the day for me.

I will be updating again soon, so A La Prochaine!


Okay so I tried out the makeup remover wipes and they remove makeup really well. It was so easy to use. Only problem?? They make your face extremely oily feeling afterwards to the point that you have to wash your face. I don't think there's a point of using make up remover wipes when you're just going to have to wash your face anyway. On the plus side, they do smell like lavender. Which is a sent that I like a lot. My conclusion? I wouldn't purchase these. I'll use the other one that came in the glymm bag but that's it.

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