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October Glymm Bag Review

Hello lovelies!
I was so excited to come home today when I saw that my Glymm subscription for October had arrived. I wasted no time in opening it up to see just what I had received, and unfortunately I was mostly disappointed once again this month. As you all know, October is breast cancer awareness month, so I thought it only appropriate that they included a bright pink bag for this month. That was about the only thing I liked about it. The products inside were not what I was expecting at all. I will say this, at least it comes with a nice bag. A friend of mine has a subscription to Top Box, and she says she only receives products, so there's a plus side. I recently got taken off the waiting list for Top Box, and should receive my first box very soon. When I get the two for november, I will be sure to review and compare the two.

Here is a photo of the cute bag. Same pattern as last month but in a nice bright pink. <3
Glymm October Breast Cancer Awareness Makeup Bag
Products from Left to right, Top to Bottom: Miss Jessie's Baby Buttercreme, Johnson & Johnson Baby Oil, Cd face cream, Lash Card, Femme Couture Lightning Lash Mascara  
Now onto the product review.

Baby Buttercreme Hair Cream; When I first opened it I was taken aback by the smell. It is not terrible, but it is not pleasant either. I tried it in my hair and it just made it feel heavy and weighed down. I definitely would not buy this product for myself just off the shelf. However, they do suggest applying it to wet hair and then styling, and I applied a very small amount to my dry hair. I'll give this product the benefit of the doubt and try it again on wet hair, but I highly doubt that it'll make a large difference.

Johnson & Johnson Baby Oil: This was a very odd surprise when I opened up the bag. I couldn't understand how this fit into the category of "Beauty products", but I figured that I could most likely use this as a makeup remover. It is very gentle on the skin, but if you have waterproof makeup, it is that much more difficult to remove. I tried using it on the mascara which came in the glymm bag, but unfortunately it didn't work very well. More on that to come.

Cd face product: I'm confused as to what this product is, because there is no clear indication of what it is on the two tubes. However I noticed on Glymms website in their new products that CB is a face cream and there are several different ones for different functions. Unfortunately I don't think I'll ever use this because I don't have a clue what exactly either of the tubes is for.

Lash Card: I thought it was actually very ironic that this item was in the Glymm bag. I had heard if this idea before but never knew where I could get one. This item was a pleasant surprise and I'm so glad it was sent this month. I don't know about you, but no matter how hard I try, when I put in mascara I always get it all over my eyelids. This lash card is perfect for shielding the eyelids from mascara especially after you took so much time and effort to have your eye makeup done.

Femme Couture Lightning Lash Mascara: Firstly, I have to say that I love the packaging. The bottle looks black at first, but if you look closely you can see that it is clear plastic and what you are looking at is the actual mascara. This way you can actually see how much is left in the tube. In terms if application, it had a very small thin plastic brush with very small teeth. I didn't think I was going to like it but I get a lot more product on my lashes with one swoop then with others. I got very minimal clumping but the downfall is that it is not buildable at all. One coat of mascara dries very quickly and leaves the lashes feeling very stiff and unnatural. I tried removing it with the baby oil I mentioned earlier and it did not work at all. Personally I like Benefits They're real! And LancĂ´me's Hypnose Drama mascara the most, but the former is my HG go to mascara.

So that's it for the Glymm bag for October. Not a total disappointment, but this is Glymms last chance. If Novembers bag is not significantly better, and Topbox turns out to be really great, I will definitely consider canceling my subscription.

Stay tuned because I'll be posting another blog entry about my costume for Halloween as well as some tips and tricks on how to create a costume on a budget. Thanks again for reading, and feel free to leave a comment and let me know what you'd like to see next. A la prochaine!!!


I was able to use the Miss Jessie's Baby Buttercreme in my hair wet and then styled it with a curling iron, at first you think, wow this product does make my hair really nice, but once you try to take a brush to the curls to make them look more natural, your hair becomes a fuzzy greasy feeling mess. I know for a fact that it is not brushing the curls that ruins them, but in fact this product. I brush out my curls EVERY time I use an iron and this has never happened. STAY AWAY from this product.

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