Friday, November 16, 2012

November Glymm Bag Review

Hello Lovelies!
So I have finally received my Glymm bag for November, just one day after my Topbox, and as those of you who read my blog know, I have been debating on which subscription to keep. Glymm has pretty much been disappointing me in the past 3 bags I've gotten and thankfully, I loved my first Topbox. I'm going to review the products I received in my Glymm bag and you will see which one I have concluded to keep at the end of this post. Onto the products!

From Left to Right: LYS Parisien Professionnel Shampoo & Moisturizing balm, Villainess Scintillating Bar Soap, The New Black Vegan Nail Polish, and The Beehive Scents in Honey Blossom

 Once again, I absolutely love the bag that Glymm provided this month. It is a nice shiny faux leather in a snakeskin print. Unfortunately, that's as far as my love for this months bag goes. The products I received were really not bad in terms of quality, but I subscribed to this service expecting to receive samples from brands which I have actually heard of, which are more geared towards makeup rather than skin or hair care. In the three months since subscribing to the service, the only cosmetics related product I received was the mascara from last month, which, suffice to say, was not a great product for my lashes. 

LYS Parisien Professionel - Moisturizing Shampoo & Hydrating Balm
Essentially this duo is a shampoo and conditioner set, although they call the conditioner a balm. They contain coconut and argon oil (Originating from Morocco) which, from my personal experience, are very good for your hair. I use L'Oreals' Argon Oil on the ends of my hair after every wash to keep them moisturized, therefore, after using this product I was not surprised that it left my hair soft and shiny. I have naturally very curly hair which tends to be dry and frizzy from previously bleaching it blonde, so any type of shampoo or hair products that contain either argon or Moroccan oils helps to tame the frizz very well. However, a caution to anyone using oils in their hair, make sure to use very minimal product, otherwise it may weigh down your hair, making it look flat and sometimes greasy. If I didn't already have a hair care regimen that worked for me, I may have considered buying this set as an option, however the hefty price tag (24$) for a full size 500 ml bottle for each the shampoo and balm, does not make this worth my while. If you want to splurge on something a little more pricey, I would recommend this, but for those of you who are frugal and on a budget, you may want to skip this for something more affordable. I personally use L'Oreal Nutri-sleek shampoo and conditioner. You can find these at most Pharmaprix's for 6.99$, as well as the Argon oil for about the same price.

From Left to Right: L'Oreal's Nutri-Sleek Shampoo, Conditioner and Serum

Villainess Scintillating Bar Soap
I have not had the chance to try out this soap yet, however, in a previous bag from Glymm, I received a moisturizer from Villainess which I absolutely adore. It would surprise me if this bar of soap would not be just as great or performant as Villainess' other products. Their products always have very unique yet amazing smells to them. The bar of soap I received has a peppermint scent, with hints of black tea and vanilla. I look forward to trying it out, but again with a price tag of 6.00$ for a 3.5 OZ bar of soap, I highly doubt I would repurchase this.

The New Black Nail Polish in Metallic Purple
As soon as I opened up the bag and saw a nail polish I got very excited. I absolutely love nail polish, to the point of it being a small obsession. To my disappointment however, I was not loving the color. It is a very pastel purple with a shimmery almost metallic finish. I would test it out on my nails to evaluate the quality, but considering how much I dislike the color and would likely remove it right away, it is not worth my time and effort to use it. I typically use Essie or Chanel on my nails, and the colors are much more multidimensional then what this polish gives off in the bottle. A full set of 3-5 polishes is between 15$-24$, which is very inexpensive on average, about 5$ a bottle, but at that price I'd rather get a nice polish from Revlon, a brand I know to be reliable.

The Beehive Scents in Honey Blossom
This perfume sample in Honey Blossom consists of the following fragrances: Floral, tea, and mandarin harmonized with vanilla, amber and patchouli. Although the smell was very nice, I was extremely disappointed. It was a very small bottle of perfume, one of those one time usage type of samples that you could get at any department store. Considering the fact that I really do like the scent, I wish I could get more wear out of this sample, but its size hinders me from doing that. A 100ML bottle is 35$, which is somewhat reasonable, but for me to really enjoy the scent and see if it suits me, more product would have been necessary. For that reason alone, I would not purchase a full size, reasonably priced or not.

So that's it for the product review. I hope you found it useful. As I mentioned earlier, Glymm's bags did not disappoint me so much in terms of the quality of the products, but rather by the types of products I received. For that reason I have decided to discontinue my subscription, and only keep my TopBox subscription. I have already been charged for December's bag, so I will wait until I receive it to make the final cut. As of this moment however, I am pretty much set on my decision. Let me know if there is anything you want me to blog about in the future, and I will see you next time. A la prochaine!

Fashionabli Yours,

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